Oculus Rift

Rift has undergone a lot of revolutions over the last couple of years. The revolution involved changing brands by improving them. However, it was not until the conception and production of Oculus Rift that brought the company to be among the top in the production of VR headsets. Giving stiff competition to its competitors, this headset is not gaining popularity but also becoming more and more addictive every day. For those who have used it already, the report is an amazing treat in the interaction they had with the virtual characters thanks to the high quality images they get.

Visual features

Oculus Rift has a high resolution of 960 x 1080 for each eye. This ensures the image you get is not only quality but also focuses on every detail. A relatively high resolution is made much better a nominal field of view. The headset has a wide field of view of 1000 giving you a wider view as compared with others of lesser caliber. The view is further improved by the 5.7 inch screen that brings out images clearly and also large enough for you to be taken from the real world and fully immersed and retained in the fantasy world.

Input Features

Oculus Rift offers users a variety of inputs to source their games. It offers two modes of input DVI and HDMI. Whatever source you are planning to choose, it will fall in one of them. The headset is also very light for portability. Having a weight of about 450 grams, you are sure of not struggling to bear any weight. It is worth noting that the weight does not include that of the cable. In addition to these amazing features, the headset has a head tracking capability to notice the revolution of your head as you make every turn and move to and fro.

Integration of Xbox

If you have 2D games and you would like to try it in 3D then oculus rift is the VR device you need. This is because Oculus has a port that can be integrated with Xbox for you to diversify on the viewing dimension and properties. This is one unique feature that makes the headset to outshine the rest. Simply put, you can play some 2D versions of a game in the world of 3D. This gives its users the ability to diversify on the video games they can use and the environments.


The headset of oculus rift is carefully designed to look good on your face. The feeling of having it on your face is like that of having glasses. The headset has the capability of making images big by zooming. The zooming ability is unique in that the enlarged image does not become blurred. This is good for playing games that require a lot of zooming. In addition to the zooming power, the screen has a high resolution with a refreshing rate of 60Hz. Combining the two features ensures that while you get quality images you also enjoy the experience.

Audio Improvement

Audio feature of oculus rift has been improved as compared to others. This special feature has been added to make the sound system match with the three dimension experience. The pieces have not only been made portable but also customizable.

Light Weight

Weight is an important feature for devices of this caliber. This is because it makes carrying it easy enabling you to enjoy playing games for quite some time without getting tired. Oculus rift is not only light but also very comfortable to put on. The device is also adjustable for you to set it depending on the size and nature of your face.

Oculus Touch

Although you need to buy this device separately, oculus touch controller it gives you a totally different experience when using. They are custom made to make your hands comfortable as you move the joysticks while playing. When you need to fire, there are various button controls to use.

Connectivity specs

When using Oculus rift, some computer hardware may not work well. You are required to ensure you have the following. Your RAM should be above 8GB. If you need to connect via HDMI then you need to ensure it is one with a video output of 1.3. For those using USB ports, ensure it is 2 x USB 3.0. The device also supports windows of 7 SPI or any other above the version.

The potential of the rift has been noted by many games. This is because of the players in the gaming industry having developed versions that have the ability to be supported. There is need to therefore prepare yourself for the game changer in the industry. For quality images, that bring out amazing experience in playing on your PC this is what you need.