Microsoft Hololens

This is novice concept and needs a better understanding to know more about it. Microsoft Hololens are those smart glasses or a computer installed into a headset so that you can see, hear as well as interact with holograms in the best possible manner. Ever heard of this? It is quite unusual a concept to be known by all. We will not be wrong to say that it is undoubtedly the future of the computer. When you wear those hololens one, you feel as if a huge computer screen is just in your eyes. That’s truly fascinating and never thought of the idea.


Microsoft hololens is a patent product of Microsoft. It is categorised under a project called Project Baraboo. The smart glasses which belong to the family of Windows 10 was first shipped and brought to the view of the world on March 30th, 2016. Now, pre-orders from countries like Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom is official.

Design of the Hololens

The design of the Microsoft Hololens is pretty simple and looks easy to wear. It can be worn as a headset and can be tilted sideways as well as back and forth. People with longer hair may face difficulty in wearing them but people with short hair will enjoy the comfortability. The weight of these headsets once worn is evenly distributed so that the convenience of wearing them is not compromised. The 3D audio speakers inbuilt make way for the obstruction of external sounds or noise so that one can enjoy the virtual sound peacefully. That’s a great technology for sure. On the other hand, the binaural audio technology lets you recognise and identify the source of any sound in the virtual view.

hololens photo

Photo by amsfrank

There are also provisions for power management, USB and 3.5 mm audio jack. It sounds unbelievable, but with this, Microsoft has definitely touched the pinnacle of success. People are in awe and taken aback by the technology used.


Although considered a smart glass, it has its specs too. This is now overwhelming. Microsoft Hololens come with the following specifications.

  • The processor used is Intel 32 bit which has capacity of 1Ghz
  • The storage capacity is 64 GB flash memory
  • The RAM comes with has 2GB memory
  • The display is 2.3 megapixels widescreen stereoscopic
  • The technology used for sound is spatial
  • The controller unit is equipped with gestural commands with the help of sensors and HPU
  • The camera comes with 2 megapixels
  • The weight is 579 grams
  • The product is worn comfortably on the head

Applications of Microsoft Hololens

While Microsoft Hololens is so unique in design and function, it is important that we know what its application is.

  • The product comes with a hologram or a catalogue with a list of 3D objects that you can use to place around you be it your living room or your bedroom. It will give you an experience that you have never thought of
  • There is a provision of Skype technology too
  • You can play crime thriller called Fragments and have a wonderful experience of virtual reality
  • Apart from Fragments, you will have access to a few more games that can kill your boredom in a just a few seconds
  • There are provisions to explore the Milky way through Galaxy Tour which is another highlight of this smart product

Apart from the applications mentioned above of Microsoft Hololens, there are more in the list. It is now more intriguing to know how it should be used.

How to use it?

After having known a lot about this out of the world product, potential buyers and people will be curious to know how to use it. Let us know it better.

  • The cursor can be moved with the way you gaze and select the hologram you want to. It is simple. You just need to turn your head, and the cursor will follow the movement
  • Like the way you sue your smartphones, you can use similar gestures to open any app, drag and drop or size the items in your view
  • Instead of using gestures, you can take access to the voice commands and do the same with your command in voice. Speak in direct contact with the Cortana that will instantly interpret your command and lets you accomplish what you want to


This enchanting product is a mind blower and defines the new way of how you had been looking and experiencing things around you. It is more just difficult to explain this concept in a few words. The more you talk about it, the more it gets interesting. Have you ever experienced the view your friend has been to without you going there? It is quietly unlikely to believe, right? This is possible with Microsoft Hololens which enables you to explore the perspective or view of a friend even if he or she is on the other side. How cool!