iPhone VR

2016 was touted as the year of virtual reality. However, as compared to Android, the experiences virtual reality offers are not well felt on Apple users. In making iPhone VR gadgets, none of the big wigs in the VR industry have chosen Macintosh as their primary platform due to slow graphics and non-configurable designs.

When it comes to picking the best VR headset for iPhone 6, 6s, iPhone SE or iPhone 6s, there are limited options as compared to Android users. VR on iPhone isn’t VR. On iPhone, it is a semi-immersive 360-degree experience that is relatively passive in nature. A user will be able to look around but can’t interact beyond navigating.

However, if you are interested in VR and plan to implement it on an iPhone, there are a couple of facts you need to know.

– The iPhone’ retina display isn’t all ideal for VR

– There is no virtual reality operating system for iOS

– All iPhone compatible headsets are an extension of Google Cardboard designs

No one knows what’s next for Apple when it comes to VR. Google made a decision to publish Cardboard software developer kit with tools for iOS. By bringing Cardboard compatibility to iOS, Google is seeding the market. However, Cardboard has not yet gotten the kind of media attention granted on HTC Vive Samsung’s Gear VR, Oculus Rift among others. Apple has not shown any public interest in virtual reality, and this is what has opened the door for Google to take over.

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Best iPhone VR apps and Games

You can buy some of the affordable VR headsets on the market and utilize your iPhone’s compatibility to achieve VR experience. Here are some of the best VR apps and games available on the App Store at the moment.


1. Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard app is a great source for those who want to get started in the world of mobile VR. Cardboard was originally designed for Android, although it is compatible with iPhone. You secure your phone into a headset and use the lense as you move your head in a real world. Until Apple unveils its VR headset for iOS users, Google continues to be the solution. Cardboard lets you travel to various places around the world including Eiffel Tower and the Great Walls of China.


2. Zombie Shooter VR

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Zombie shooter VR once used to be a paid app, released to the market at $2.45. However, due to competition in the mobile VR space, the app is now free. With the Zombie shooter, you can find yourself traversing through apocalyptic subways, fighting off zombies among other activities. By looking at the zombies, you trigger your gun to fight off these beasts.


3. YouTube

YouTube is a great iPhone VR app for iPhone. It has a broad range of 360-degree videos, which the company turns into VR experiences just with the tap of a button in-app. YouTube offers the ability to browse through a wide range of VR videos, be it skating, snowboarding among others, all completely free. To use the app, you only need to tap the Google Cardboard icon on any compatible video and convert it into a VR -ready video.


4. Within

Within is a relatively new VR company formerly known as Vrse. The app is essentially the Netflix of virtual reality. Within company produces a lot of VR content that is showcased via the app. Its content ranges from immersion VR, music, videos and investigative journalism reports. If you are on the look for something better than a 360-degree viewing of videos on places such as YouTube, then Within is a great place to start off.


5. Romans from Mars 360

Romans from Mars 360 puts you at the top of a castle as you face endless attacks from all corners and waves of Martians. The only barrier standing between the Martians and a global takeover is you and your defense – crossbow. The crossbow can be used to fire arrows. You could use your elemental powers such as Ice, Fire, Earth and Lighting to take down your enemies. You could also upgrade your crossbow to do more damage to your enemies. The graphics for the game are relatively good. Combined with the fact that the game is free, there is no option for gamers to say No.


6. End Space VR

End Space VR combines different aspects of giving users who are huge fans of science fiction movies a change to traverse their spaceship. The spaceship is complete with guns and dogfighting with enemy space pilots. The app combines a wave-based shooter that allows the user to upgrade their spaceship over time making it even more deadly. The End space VR app allows the viewer to look into any direction as opposed to being on the rails. The app combines well with graphics and immersive 3D audio and is among the most favorite apps to mobile VR users.


7. Fractal Combat X

Fractal Combat X is a fighter jet shooter created primarily has a normal game, and later added VR support and functionality. The original Fractal Combat X had stunning graphics. Its gameplay was fast-paced and addictive. Making the game VR friendly adds more functionality on top of the amazing features it already had. The game adds new missions frequently and has MFI gaming controller support. The game is free although it also has in-app purchases. You can disable the game ads by buying the app.


8. Roller Coaster VR

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Trust me a VR experience could not be complete without a roller coaster. Roller Coaster VR is not just your typical roller coaster. With this app, you can take exotic locations on tropical islands and experience the best of what nature can offer.


9. Google Street View

Google street view has almost the entire world photographed in 360-degree photos. This makes Google Street view the best app to adapt to virtual reality. By strapping on your VR headset, you could go anywhere in the world and look around to see all the goodness the world has to offer. A better way to look at Google Street view is to imagine a classroom taking students in the future to go all over the planet and explore, rather than seeing features on textbooks. The street view gives users an exciting experience all free.