HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is developed by Valve Corporation and HTC, it is a virtual reality headset that was launched on 5th April 2016. The headset is specially designed with ‘room scale’ technology, which turns the room into 3D space through sensors. The virtual world permits the user to steer naturally with the capability to walk around, and they can intensely manipulate objects using motion tracked controllers, and the user can work with precision, EIV (Experience immersive environments), and communicate.

HTC Vive’s room-scale VR technology allows the user to move physically in the virtual space around the objects.  It allows the user to enjoy several games from Steam VR, and not just that, you can get everything you like about Steam VR.  The HTC Vive comes with multiple eye relief adjustments, including IPD and lens distance, and adjustable headset, which make the HTC Vive clear and comfortable.

The user can experience safe and convenient Chaperone bounds of play area; they can view the real world with a front-facing camera and notification directly from their phone in VR.  It is compatible windows computer and required an internet connection.

HTC Vive Ready HP Computer Bundle

Set up your VR with Vive Ready HP Computer Bundle and the vive VR system. You can obtain a suitable USB drive, including the software for Vive and 2VR, hardware setup instruction, etc along with the promoting content bundle.

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Technical Specifications:

The vive has a revive rate of 90Hz.  The HTC uses 2-screens, for each eye, and it comes with a display of 1080×1200 resolutions.  The HTC device uses over 70 sensors, including an accelerometer, laser position sensors, and MEMS gyroscope, and it can operate in 15/15feet tracking space, with both tracks the user’s movement and lighthouse base stations.

The key features and tech specs of HTC vive includes:


The headset takes you to the virtual world and allows you to play games, stories, and unrestricted possibilities. The major features include adjustable straps, tracking and eye relief regulation for comfortable and captivating immersion.

Wireless Controllers

The wireless controllers for VR feels natural and innate which is kind of an extension to your hand.

Base Stations:

The base station technology allows the controllers and headset track their precise movement and location, so you can explore and interrelate with the virtual world.  The room-scale technology allows you to enjoy the action.

htc vive photo

Photo by TechDaveStudios

Powered by SteamVR

You can enjoy everything you love about Stem in Virtual reality as it offers hundreds of games for Steam VR.  You can directly download the updated games and share and create content with all your close friends on steam.

Release Date: Vive was released on 5th April 2016 by Valve Corporation and HTC.  After 3 months of its release, it was nearing the 100,000 sales mark, according to Steam data.

Price: Vive is comparatively expensive, which is available at $799 excluding PC and the shipping.

With vive software, you can get notifications directly on your phone and it allows you to play in a personal and customizable VR environment.  You can get all these features and more with Vive Desktop App.