FOVE VR is one of the better virtual reality headsets that people are really wanting. The headset is made to bring the world of VR right in front of your eyes, making every moment a reality. It is the aim of every manufacturer of virtual reality headsets to ensure the users are totally captured and immersed in the virtual real environments they are watching. It is to make you forget the computer that you are using, your phone or any accessories connected to it. With this gadget, you are guaranteed of enjoying the 3 dimensions with no boundary that stops us from venturing in the environment we are watching using the normal screens.

Top Notch Virtual Reality

With FOVE VR you are not only guaranteed one of the best virtual experiences, but also the experience which comes with a high degree of virtual reality. This is made possible with improved features that come with the headset. For instance, the high resolution screens ensure every detail going on is put on focus. You will not miss out on even the minute details that you are enthusiastic about. The other feature that makes the virtual reality spectacular is the wide point of view that the handset has been built to have.


Eye Tracking Capability

Depending on what you are looking for or where, this amazing eye tracking feature of FOVE VR ensure every little bit of it is captured. FOVE not only boasts manufacturing the headset but also being the first to make such an amazing next generation of eye tracking ability. This gives you as the user the ability to regulate the interface giving you more interactions by simply sensing your eye movements. You can focus on your object of interest more intricately than you have ever done before. Combining this feature with its high resolutions capabilities ensures the whole experience to be mesmerizing.

The capability is possible through the use of infrared radiation sensors. The infrared sensors monitor the movement of your eyes as you use the device ensuring the three-dimensional views you are looking is experienced and fine tuned to details.

Type of Connection

To function efficiently, FOVE VR is connected to a PC. This connection enables you to run games and other programs on the headset. While this is one challenge that comes with it, there is room for connecting it with your smart phone and other devices with time. There is a real potential in this, being a prototype developer of eye tracking VRs.

For audio connection, you can enjoy listening using the headphones which are inbuilt with the handset. It employs connections such as HDMI 1.4, or USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 to make sure there is maximum compatability.


Virtual Space Motion

FOVE VR enjoys the ability of tracking your head movement by employing its 3 degrees of freedom. Therefore, if you are rotating your head then you can be sure your rotational movement is captured by the device. As you move your head around the virtual space you get to enjoy the feature which brings out amazing views when working simultaneously with eye tracking ability. This quenches the inability to monitor and detect translational movement.

Field Of View

FOVE VR has a field of view is 1000. This wide field of view ensures that while using it you are more immersed in the reality of what is going on in the virtual world. It is also worth mentioning that the handset has a relatively fast refreshing rate having a speed of 90Hz. The fast rate ensures you will not get the motion sickness that you could have experienced using other devices in the market with less refreshing rates. This fast refresh rates also strikes a balance with the field of view to ensure there is no compromise in capturing the user from the reality world to the virtual reality one.


Material and Weight

Weight is one factor that people consider when purchasing VR devices. This is why FOVE VR is made to make it easy and light for you to use. It weighs about 0.9 ponds. Moreover, the material used to house the device is made of plastic making it not only light but also very portable and durable.


While most people are yet to use FOVE VR handset, it is set to revolutionize the world of virtual reality with its new amazing capabilities. It is also cheaper than other available brands in the market with almost the same quality if not more. Therefore, if you are looking for more immersion into the word of fantasy or you are more focused on embracing new innovation in this field and for those looking for the best hardware that is friendly then this is what you need. Improvements in the field is achieved by use of eye tracking devices, best resolutions, friendly hardware, amazing interactive capability and balanced field of views.